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For over fifty years we have nurtured the art of dance - Our staff is ready for you! We consider dance to be a life enhancing experience for your child. Dance is a wonderful artistic outlet that not only utilizes creativity and talent but also teaches discipline. All of our teachers feel strongly about the role of dance in building character and self esteem. We guarantee a positive and productive learning environment.

We have a special commitment at the Linda Lavender School of Dance to provide an environment of professional dance training for all students from beginner to advanced, child to adult. Although we understand that not all who attend will wish to become professional dancers, our commitment allows each student to gain correct insight, training and experience in the art of dance, regardless of age, proficiency level, or aspirations.

The art of dance extends beyond mere movement. It fuses all of the arts - combining music, dance design, and drama. The child who is fortunate enough to study dance will find his/her entire life enriched by the experience.

The faculty of the Linda Lavender School of Dance has the goal of providing inspiration and a fine education of the lively art forms to strengthen physical development, coordination, and concentration; and to encourage a sense of responsibility and self-assurance in each statement.

We emphasize individual attention and offer each class as a pleasant and enriching experience for the student. The cultural benefits are of particular importance to students in their formative years.

Dance is for everyone and everyone is welcome! Students with physical limitations will benefit in many ways from being able to experience the wonderful art of dance. We are mindful of children with differences; they make our hearts dance!

Please check out the Welcome to Dance page for lots of information you and your dancer can use all year.