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In order to maintain the high standards and good achievements of the studio,
the patrons are required to observe the following:

•  Parents are asked to bring their children to class and pick them up on time. We do not have sitters.

•  Do not block the driveways by parking and leaving your car unattended.


•  Dancers, please try to attend all classes; however your teacher can schedule make-up classes if requested.

•  Be on time--tardiness disrupts classes and prevents students from properly warming up.

•  Observe the dress code and hair regulations - hair up out of face; remove hair bows and barrettes - when tumbling, they hurt the dancer’s head; no jewelry; class appropriate dance attire; no loose over-clothing.

•  Ballet shoes should have elastic straps. We recommend the ballet shoe with elastic binding that replaces the drawstring and casing. We prefer the use of elastic “tap ties” in the white tap shoes.

•  Names should be in all shoes and bags. If possible, names should be visible on outside of dance bags.

•  Payments can be cash, check or Visa/Mastercard. Checks should have the first and last name of the student somewhere on the check. Have cash in an envelope with student’s first and last name on it and wait for your receipt. SEPTEMBER CLASS FEES ARE DUE AT REGISTRATION. Class fee statements will be mailed before the first of each month beginning in October. A $15 late fee will be assessed after the 15th of the month.

•  You need to notify the office if your dancer stops, drops, or adds any classes. You will be responsible for paying the full month’s tuition if we are not notified in advance.

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