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Pre-School Dance (Ages 2.5 to 4): A one-hour combination class in ballet, tap, and tumbling. This class introduces dance techniques, basic stretches, coordination, movement, development, classroom procedures, confidence and self-expression in a fun and nurturing environment.

Ballet (Ages 7 to Adult): Covers the positions of classical ballet, barre, and center work; provides a general introduction to ballet technique advancing to the professional level.

Pointe (Ages 11 to Advanced): Offered to ballet students who have attained the necessary development and dance proficiency to undertake the ultimate training of the female classical dancer.

Pre-Jazz/Jazz (Ages 6 to Adult): Beginner to advanced - teaches the student the popular dance form that borrows from many areas including musical theatre and incorporates a wide range of styles and techniques. Emphasizes self-expression, rhythm, and movement to contemporary music.

Tap: Rhythmic footwork in specially equipped shoes. Tap students learn fundamental tap technique and enhance rhythm and motor skills.

Hip Hop: A popular urban youth culture style of dance that provides a funkier edge to the basic styles of dance.

Hip Hop: Street and Urban style dance forms using free movement.  Develops dancers strength, mobility and endurance.




Preschool Dance – Ballet, Tap and Tumbling

(2.5 – 4 year olds, by Jan. 1st) 1 hour per week

Ballet, Tap and Pre-Jazz

(5 year olds, by Jan. 1st) 1 hour per week

Ballet, Tap and Jazz

(6 year olds – Teen) 1½ or 2 hours per week; older students,

2 hours per week


(Ages 7 – Adult) 1 hour class or 1½ hour class per week



(Ages 11 – Adult) At least 2 ballet classes per week with teacher approval; 1 hour or 1½ hour class per week


(Ages 8 – Adult) 1 hour class per week

Hip Hop

(Ages 8 – Adult) 1 hour class per week

Mini Hip Hop

(Ages 5 - 7) 30 minutes or 45 minute class per week



(Ages 8 – Adult) 30 minutes or 45 minutes per week


Unlimited Classes

(Ages 8 – Adult)

We recommend our students ages 2.5-4 take Ballet, Tap and Tumbling. 5 year old dancers take Ballet, Tap and Pre-Jazz. Students may take Jazz after the age of 6. Ballet is strongly recommended as a twice a week course after the age of 8. Pointe students are required to take ballet classes twice a week and three times a week is recommended. Students are not ready for Pointe work until the age of 11 and then only when the teacher feels their legs are strong enough and their bodies are properly placed.

Competition Groups or Twin City Ballet Company are required to take two or three ballet classes, two jazz classes and at least one tap class per week, attend summer classes and both weeks of the Twin City Ballet Summer Dance Workshop. Twin City Ballet members also attend company classes as assigned. Dancers interested in being recommended by their teacher to attend the Twin City Ballet Summer Dance Workshop 2024 must take two or three ballet classes per week and attend summer classes.

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